Stylish Purple Disco Bluetooth classic Segway buy Hoverkart Hoverboard seat Bundle + Fidget Spinner in 20% Offer

  • £299.00
  • Save £150

6.5" Purple Disco Classic Segway Buy Hoverkart HoverBoard Seat + Hoverkart Bundle! Exclusive bundle!!

We have bundled together our two most popular items with a significant discount. Note - the Hoverboard can be removed from the kart.

Do you want to get double the fun out of your hoverboard? Then don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! With an amazing saving of £89.99, you can get your hands on both a 6.5” Blue Swegway Hoverboard, Black protective leather case, a carry bag, protective set and Classic Hovergokart in one bundle.

You can easily convert your Hoverboard into a GoKart in just 15 minutes. With adjustable positioning, it’s suitable for children or adults and is the perfect companion for this incredible 6.5” board.

Key Hoverboard Features:

  • Samsung Battery with LED indicator will let you know how much juice you have left so you know when it is time for another charge.
  • 6.5 " Solid Rubber Wheels making it easier to ride around on flat surfaces.
  • High Power LED pathfinder lights under each foot panel, to help you see where you are going.
  • Intuitive Control three-axis gyro-sensors and accelerometers precisely monitor angular changes to make controlling the board feel natural.
  • Regenerative Braking board will take advantage of every opportunity to save energy by maintaining weight limit and recharging the battery during braking and downhill riding.
  • Rapid Charge Battery your board will only take three hours for a fully charge, and you will be able to ride for six hours (approx) until your board needs another charge.
  • Quiet Motor Technology duel electric motors operate almost silently while still allowing you to cruise up to 5 times faster than walking. It's the best example for green transportation.
  • Powerful Motor high-quality magnet and stator material provide efficient, reliable power. AutoTron allows you to cruise your board at speeds of up to 10mph

Included in package:

  • 6.5” Purple Disco Hoverboard
  • Black Protective Leather case
  • Black carry bag
  • Black Classic Hovergokart
  • Protective Helmet/Pad set
  • Fidget Spinner

Technical Specification

Note: The Hoverboard can be detached from the kart meaning you can use the Hoverboard with or without the hoverkart.

  • Tyre size: 6 Inches
  • Motor – 350W Sinusoidal brushless
  • Charger: BSI 1363 UK 3 pin
  • Charge time: 2 Hours
  • Range charge: 16 Miles
  • Battery: Samsung Lithium-ion 36v, 4.4AH
  • Max Speed: 10kph | Max weight: 100kg
  • Dimensions: 584x186x178mm | Board weight: 9kg
  • Hoverkart max. weight: up to 120kg
  • Hoverkart min. height: 40" or 100cm
  • Hoverkart max. height: 6'6" or 200cm 
  • Adjustable seating/leg position
  • Anti-roll prevention

All images are for illustration purposes only, wheel design and colour shade may vary. Free accessories such as bag, remote or toolkits are subject to availability on a first come first serve basis. Seat may vary from images.